Témoignage TRISTAN PICHARD, auteur jeunesse, France

« Elisabeth, par sa lecture attentive, pointilleuse (mais jamais tatillonne), bienveillante (voire enthousiaste), m’a été d’une grande aide pour la composition du recueil Contes et Légendes de Paris. Elle a su, tant par ses recherches documentaires que par son analyse littéraire, aider mon travail à s’épanouir. »

Témoignage ALIX PERON, Chef de projets communication chez En Personne expo, Boulogne-Billancourt

Nous travaillons avec Elisabeth pour la traduction de notre site Internet anglophone.
Efficace, agréable, consciencieuse et surtout très compétente, nous sommes ravis du travail réalisé ensemble depuis quelques années.

Témoignage de MICHAEL O’SHEA, auteur et éditeur de O2C books, Irlande

Qualités principales : Très efficace, Délais respectés, Intégrité

“I first contacted Elisabeth through the internet. What a find! A person with a fantastic work ethic and a deep understanding of the need to translate into French in a way that will make the original English read as if it was written in French – immediately understandable to the ordinary French national. I know this because I can read and understand French to a level where I can appreciate quality and nuance (in a very primitive way).

What I particularly appreciate was the fact that Elisabeth did not hesitate to ask questions about the exact meaning of my original English. It was obvious that she cared very much for accuracy. A great blessing! Style too is important to her, as I found out when it came to the translation of a small but important original verse I had written. She refused to accept my attempt to impose a version in French that I thought reflected the original metre and rhyme, going to great trouble to explain why her version was vital – aided no doubt by the fact that her English husband has an Oxford Master’s Degree in Mediaeval French!
Elisabeth is a great worker, a marvellous find for someone who needs meticulous and meaningful translation from English to French, and could probably do quite a good job in translation from French to English, having lived in Oxford for quite a few years. This is a departure from something that I normally look for: translation into a language by a native speaker.
I have absolutely no reservation in recommending her translation expertise. A gift to those who are unable to write in French, worth every penny or Euro she chooses to charge.
Oh, and by the way, she showed remarkable patience in understanding specialist phrases relevant to a discipline outside the norms of general English and French language. It is not too extravagant to describe her as a treasure.” 13 novembre 2010

Témoignage de MICHAEL GATES, auteur et président Elysian Enterprise, Michigan, Etats-Unis.

Qualités principales : Très efficace, Expert, Créativité

Période de collaboration en tant que traductrice, documentaliste, assistante auteur de 2006 à 2011 :

“Elisabeth routinely exceeds our expectations. She is naturally inquisitive, intelligent and a delight to work with. She masters unfamiliar subject matter quickly and enthusiastically; and enjoys our project as much as we do. She has independently discovered valuable original material for us – again and again – demonstrating a gift for creative research.” 5 juillet 2010

Témoignage de TIM GRANT, GREEN TEACHER Education for Planet Hearth, Toronto

« I am the editor/publisher of Green Teacher magazine, a non-profit organization with a global audience of youth educators. In 2006, we launched a project entitled Green Teacher en français.  Soon thereafter, Elisabeth contacted us.  She along with francophone educators and translators volunteered to translate articles from our magazine into French.  We then posted their translations onto our website where they could be freely read, printed or downloaded.

Shortly thereafter, we recognized the need to have more experienced translators correct the translations of those with less experience and fluency.   When more than one professional translator confirmed that Elisabeth’s own translations were of a very high quality, we asked her to become a reviewer of translations.

Over the years since, she has both translated articles and reviewed dozens of translations for Green Teacher.  Part of the reason she has excelled at both tasks is that she is also very environmentally literate.  Our magazine addresses diverse topics such as climate change, biodiversity, invasive species, urbanization, marine science, renewable energy and biomimicry.  In addition, we include articles on an equally wide range of innovative education strategies for engaging young people in these topics.  There are few translators with the range of skills required to work with such diverse subject matter.   Elisabeth is one of those individuals.

Apart from her considerable skills, she is also a very agreeable and engaging person to work with.  Although we have never met, I have come to consider a friend and colleague.

In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough for any translation projects.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about Elisabeth’s work with Green Teacher.  It would be my pleasure to respond.

Témoignage MARINE ROUVELLAT, Web Project Manager WIHP Hotels, Paris

J’ai travaillé en collaboration journalière avec Elisabeth dans le cadre de rédactions de contenu web et de traduction (EN>FR ou FR>EN) pendant les 3 années où j’ai occupé le poste de Web Project Manager au sein de Wihp Hotels (agence de web-marketing hôtelier). Elisabeth est quelqu’un de pro-actif, à l’écoute des besoins et qui travaille en bonne intelligence. C’est un réel plaisir de collaborer avec elle. Réactive et respectueuse des délais, elle sait poser les bonnes questions et comprend vite les enjeux du travail qui lui est demandé. Nous avons rapidement trouvé un rythme de croisière en terme d’organisation pratique : brief de rédaction, rythme de livraison des contenus, feedbacks.

Témoignage ALIZÉE FERRY, sage-femme au Centre hospitalier de Cannes

Compétences et disponibilité sont les qualités qui la définissent.
J’ai eu recours aux services de traduction d’Elisabeth Selman dans le cadre de la rédaction de mon mémoire de fin d’études de Sage-femme.
Avec beaucoup de sérieux et de professionnalisme, elle a su retranscrire mon travail de recherche bien que très spécifique dans les termes médicaux employés.

Témoignage Scot Muirden, Directeur à la Fondation Charles Bonnet Syndrome, Australie

We were keenly seeking an English translation of an 18th century Genevan document upon which our Foundation is based.
Elisabeth took to the challenge of this historical document with relish. Not only were we very pleased with the final product, but it was noted that Elisabeth had immersed herself in the whole undertaking as evidenced by her attention to detail, addition of her own relevant footnotes and even a link to an old Genevan map so one could better appreciate the context that cushioned a section of the text.
Elisabeth’s propensity to push above and beyond a mere translation was warmly appreciated and sets her apart from other translators.
We look forward to a continued working relationship with her in the future.