My References

My References

My diverse career has led me to work with the following organisations:

  • Concern Worldwide or Prem Dan France (newsletters, internal corporate communications)
  • Linguaschools and Linguaenglish (language school websites and marketing)
  • Green Teacher Edition in Canada (educational articles on environmental issues)
  • En Personne (website, trade show promotion)
  • WIHP (copy writing and translation for hotel, tourism and restaurant websites)
  • Ecu, the European independent film festival, Maijuin Production, Héliox Films, Molle Production (letters of intent, film directors’ biographies, advertisements)
  • Agence Mafia (website, brand promotion)
  • Caribbean Architecture Fair (CVs, programme, letters)
  • Kisskissbankbank (marketing)
  • Frogpubs (newsletters)

On the literary side…

… I was privileged to work for several years as a research assistant and translator for Michael and Lucas Gates, two American authors who needed precise information on life in Paris in the 18th century to provide historical anecdotes for their novel on Benjamin Franklin. This work involved research in libraries, reading and translating historical documents and letters from the period, and researching archives in both Paris and provincial France. The book is currently being published.

… In 2010 I translated Tuxes, a satirical novel by Scott Fivelson, an American novelist and scriptwriter, into French. The novel has since been adapted into French Canadian and published as an electronic book by Polymancer.

Also in 2010, Michael O’Shea contacted me for a French translation of his pamphlet, 21st Century Reformation of the Catholic Church. The pamphlet has since been published by O2C Books. The translation is available on Amazon as Une Réforme de l’Église catholique au XXIe siècle.

In 2016, Tristan Pichard, a children’s writer, asked me to proofread his latest tales before he sent them to his publisher. They were published in early 2017 by Locus Solus as Contes et Légendes de Paris.